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Series Talks

Rabbi, Dr. Leon Weissberg can provide a series of talks on a particular topic over a Shabbat weekend for a synagogue seeking to engage a scholar-in-resident program. The topics listed below can be expanded or reduced to fit the designated amount of time for such a program. The Scholar-in-residence typical schedule includes the following:

  • Friday night: 25 minutes

  • Saturday morning: 30 minutes

  • Saturday afternoon: 45 minutes

  • Sunday morning: 40 minutes

  • Contact Dr. Weissberg directly for a schedule of fees


The Ten Commandments 


Reviewing the significance of the ten commandments and what they represent, their relationship to one another, when they were formulated what model were they based upon and their relative importance in the Jewish scope of 603 other commandments.



A review of the nature of the Holocaust, how it unfolded within the framework of Jewish community and Jewish perspectives, poetry and vignettes of the Holocaust that give us cause to pause.



The relationship of the plagues as the central thesis of the struggle between assimilation and Judaic principles.



biblical to modernity (see various Israel topics listed)

The Calendar


The Basis of Jewish Survival – the history of the development of the Jewish Calendar in terms of its construct, Biblical and post-Biblical development and attempts to irradicate the Calendar. How the calendar plays out in the history of the Jewish people.

Additional topics


Additional topics can be custom designed according to time and subjects desired

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