LTW Educational Consultants

Dr. Leon Weissberg, President

The following is a list of topics for speeches, talks, workshops and seminars offered by Dr. Leon Weissberg. Most topics vary from 30 minutes to 90 minute talks and can be custom designed for each program. Dr. Weissberg can address a group of 15 – 500+. Each topic can be designed for presentation anywhere from 45 minutes to an extended amount of time as a seminar series or a short workshop. This is not an exhaustive list and topics not listed can be created in tandem with Dr. Weissberg and the organization. The topics are listed alphabetically.

Anti‑Semitism: Origins of Early Anti-Semitism– The yellow badge did not begin in Germany. A review of the Anti‑Semitism as it evolved and developed through the early years building the infra‑structure for the final solution.

Anti-Semitism: The New Face Of The 21st Century– In a post Holocaust, Israel state era, anti-Semitism was to have been eradicated. Sixty-five years later the elements of anti-Semitism have taken a new face, a new direction, a subtlety that will no doubt rear its head in a major manifestation in the near future. Hear a discussion on the newest elements of this ancient disease.

Asian Jewish Communities– Participants will come to appreciate the Jews of Kaifang, China and their impact on Chinese society up until the 15th century. The story of Japan’s rescue of Jews during the Holocaust will be explored while a review of the Jewish history of India, and Yemen will round out our discussion on Oriental Jewry.

Biblical Jewish History– Judaism teaches that time is measured as the distance between two events. Participants will explore the events of three thousand years Biblical Jewish history and how it  has brought the Jewish people to Modernity.

Comparative Judaism– An opportunity to study the various themes and ideas of the main streams of Judaism. Instruction will include discussions on the ideological commitments of each of the movements as well as theological and historical aspects of the various denominations. The program will include a brief overview of humanism and some other fringe Jewish ideas of modern ritual and understanding.

Concepts in Judaism– This will provide a spirited discussion of the fundamental basic philosophy of Jewish Theology & Ideology reviewing the pre-eminence of God, Torah & Israel as the foundation of Jewish thinking.

East European Jewish History– or The Gefilte Fish Line: A review of the migration of Jews to Europe from Biblical times to modernity resulting in the decimation of the Jewish communities of Europe and the current rebuilding of those communities today to include Klezmer Fests, holidays, B’nai Mitzvahs and weddings in cities that only 60 years ago were devoid of Jewish life.

Florida’s Jewish History– Miami Beach is not the first Jewish settlement of Florida. Using the resources of “Mosaic” participants will discover that Pensacola was the first home to the Jews of Florida. Key West had the first Jewish Mayor and Levy County is named for the first Jewish senator of the state.

Genesis Familial Dysfunction- After a review and an exploration of the family relationships in the first book of the Scriptures the participants will come to recognize behaviors that are common to all families both Biblical and Modern. The instructor will help participants see how the relationships of families included jealousy, lies, deceit, envy, competitive and many other interactions that the Biblical families survived.

God Talk This topic articulates a variety of ways that the God-idea is manifested in Judaism. It provides the participants with an opportunity to explore the God-idea and to help validate or question their own understanding of the Jewish nature of God. Depending on the available time the following topics can be combined or separated to provide for a very engaging and meaningful discussion about God.

  • The Third Commandment: What’s in a name? – a review of why we are forbidden to use God’s name in vain and what “vain” means in Jewish context
  • God Speaks: Using the Hidden Codes in Torah – finding How God is embedded throughout the Torah using cabalistic understanding of the Torah codes.
  • Man in God’s Image or God in Man’s Image: Which came first?
  • Creation or Evolution: Are they mutually exclusive in Jewish understanding of God – using the six days of creation as the source text of understanding the science of the Bible
  • Bringing God into the Classrooms of Jewish Schools: an opportunity to explore the various dynamics, tools and skills necessary to provide students with a discussion of God-related topics and issues. Teachers will be able to address their own personal understanding of God through an introspection of God talk in the classroom.  (Topics: The Jewish teacher and the God experience, Teaching God, Finding comfort with God, Confronting God, Using God in the classroom & everyday life)

Hanukkah ‑ The historical event and what the children’s Jewish history books don’t teach about the civil unrest the Macabees against the Hellenists. The Macabees, Why the story was not canonized, or what really happened in 164 BCE? Tackling the December Dilemma ‑ A Chanukah Bush or a Christmas tree is there any difference?

History Of Judaism– This encapsulated presentation is a review of 5770 years of Jewish history. The instructor will provide participants with an incredibly enlightening, enigmatic, enthusiastic, exciting review of 5 Millennia of Jewish history in and very entertaining, emotional and inspiring discussion.

Holidays Prior to each Jewish holiday, participants get to explore the actual  historical events upon which the holiday is predicated. The presentation can include the nature of the holiday’s rituals and their derivation, significance and the nuances of the rituals. This topic always makes for an engaging discussion for the participants in light of the anticipation of the upcoming Jewish observances – see the particular holiday in alpha order

Holocaust: Revelations & Renaissance- If you think you’ve heard it all about the Holocaust, be awakened! Explore the new discussions in Holocaust studies that have materialized in the past decade. There have been new discoveries of information, the opening of sealed Russian and German archives which have led to amazing testimonies of the occurrences during the Holocaust. Come to understand just what makes the Holocaust a topic that just keeps on going!

The Holocaust A review of various aspects of Holocaust studies – the following topics can be expanded, connected or stand-alone depending on the amount of time or the thrust of the presentation:

  • Holocaust Deniers in our midst
  • The Final Solution: The Culmination of 2000 Years of Solutions
  • The March of the Living: An Educational Answer to Jewish Identity and Continuity

The Inquisition in Spain– Was the inquisition against Jews? Who were the inquisitors? The Nuevo Christanos? The Survivors? The Freedom fighters? Participants will have an opportunity to discover the usually untold story of this 100 year period of Jewish history and its impact on Jews today.

Islamification Of Europe– A review of how Moslems replaced the Jews of Europe in a post-Holocaust migration that is just now being identified by Europe as the changing face of Western Europe.

Israel: A Historical Perspective A review of the 2600 years it took to return to the glory that was once Israel & Judea. The topic will review the drive of the Jewish people to maintain a memory of a once great nation that lasted over 400 years and what it took to return to a great nation again.

Israel as the Center of the World – Latitude 31, longitude 35  has been considered the center of the world. We’ll take a roller coaster ride through history pointing out how every conqueror of the world saw the Holy Land as the center of the world and without it their conquest could not be complete. See how pivotal the geographical location of Israel played in antiquity and modernity.

Jewish Culture the many dimensions of its impact on today’s culture including the European experience, the Middle Eastern experience as well as the American experience. Different approaches to being Jewish and all true to the faith as the cultural experience of a people developed in different parts of the world..

Kabala & Mysticism– The “secret” language of the Torah; a new understanding of an old text. A review of the nature of Kabala and how it speaks to individuals seeking a new spiritual perspective. Discovering the codes of the Torah and how they are an integral part of understanding the four levels of Biblical texts.

Kabalistic Teachings– An exploration into the secret world of Paradise. The instructor and the participants will explore the Hebrew concept of (PARDES). Members will have an opportunity to recognize and identify Kabalistic icons and concepts. Participants will explore the science of mysticism through the understanding of Jewish numerology. Participants will end with an inspiring revelation of their Hebrew names and their association with the unknown.

Migration From the Shtetle to the Condos– A review of the story and the journey of Jewish migration from the European shtetle to the Florida condominium world. Using maps, and music and imagery, Dr. Weissberg presents an overview of the impact that Jewish immigrants have had on the American  story.

Parenting & Grand-Parenting: The Jewish future depends on it!– This presentation will address raising a Jewish family in a contemporary American setting. Dr. Weissberg will review the challenges and pitfalls for a modern family looking for a Jewish home life in a main-stream American setting.

Passover: The Ten Plagues: A New Dimension of actual events – recapping how the plagues are the central core of the events, addressing the plagues relationship to the Egyptian gods, the ensuing “battle” between Moses & the Pharaoh and the nature of the watershed event of Jewish history.

Pirke Avot– “If not now, when… If I am not for myself, what am I?”  Are these statements a rejection of contemporary values or are they the format for the way modern civilization has evolved. This talk is a review of the Ethics of our Fathers and how and why these particular ethical statements developed.

Purim: The chronology of events in time and history ‑ a review of the sequence of events in the Purim Story juxtaposed against the sequence of historical events between the two Temples. A Chapter Analysis of the Literary aspect of the Megillah; A comparison between Esther and Vashti, identifying the heroine for Jews of modernity..

Ten Commandments– A review of the 3000 year old code of civil morality ‑ its order, meaning and purpose; reviewing their significance and what they represent, their relationship to one another, when they were formulated what model were they based upon and their relative importance in the Jewish scope of 603 other commandments.

Women in Judaism– Women have played a very important role in the development of Jewish history. Through the magic of Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Yentle, the instructor will explore famous women and their impact on Jewish thought since the Bible and through modernity.

Women Personalities in the Bible– Each Biblical Woman plays a significant role in the development of Jewish philosophy, thought and prayer today.  Participants will explore the role of 7 Biblical women and the misinformation most people have about these women.

Zionism from Abraham to Israel – A review of the establishment of the Zionistic ideal and how it has played a role in almost 3 millennia of Jewish history.