LTW Educational Consultants

Dr. Leon Weissberg, President

Leon is available for consulting at schools throughout the country. Consulting services can be tailored to the schools specific needs, goals & objectives & types.

Consulting may include but certainly not limited to the following areas of institutional development and growth for Congregational/Supplementary, Day Schools, Early Childhood Centers, Adult Education programs.

Comprehensive on-site visit & assessment
Accreditation standards assessment
Integrating your Jewish vision with the institution’s practice

Community Growth
Targeted engagement within the community
New director orientaton and/or support
Short & long range planning development
Start-up school development

Directors / School Heads:
Administrative infrastructure
Faculty & parent relationships
Friend raising and fund raising
Establishing & cultivating leadership

Professional development for faculty & staff
School & classroom environmental analysis
Reflective practices
Internal growth in Jewish values & understanding

Developing lay leader partnerships
Developing Jewish understanding and growth
Parenting tools, techniques & guidance