LTW Educational Consultants

Dr. Leon Weissberg, President

Dr. Leon Weissberg is a Master Teacher providing workshops, seminars and courses on a myriad of Judaic and pedagogical topics. His educational career has spanned a number of institutions having provided those institutions with incredible growth and development over three decades  in South Florida. Among his accomplishments, Dr. Weissberg has been the Executive Director of the Jewish Education Commission in Boca Raton, the Head of School of the Donna Klein Jewish Academy in Boca Raton and the Temple Beth Shalom Day School in Hollywood. He created the Office of Jewish Education in South Broward, which ultimately became CAJE-Broward. He was instrumental in bringing the Florence Melton Adult Mini-school to Florida by introducing the program into the Boca community twenty years ago. He helped establish the parameters of teaching in the program and worked with the national leadership to cultivate the program to meet the needs of adult learners. Florence made it a point of always attending his classes whenever she was in town regardless of whether or not she had already completed the course.

Dr. Weissberg has taught Holocaust Studies & Pedagogy on the university level as well as having presented seminars and workshops on effective teaching skills. Most notably Dr. Weissberg has been the US Southern Region Director of the March of the Living. He has innovated different unique components to the March including taking non-Jewish high school youngsters and non-Jewish college students on new & different Holocaust related experiences. All told he has led over 1500 high school students to the sites of the greatest catastrophe of the 20th century over the past 22 years. As well he has led international contingents of adults on the March.

Dr. Leon Weissberg, is a graduate of the City College of New York, holds four advanced degrees including a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and a Masters in Jewish Studies. Born in a Displaced Persons’ Camp in Germany, Leon has always made Holocaust studies an integral part of his learning and teaching. Among his degrees and courses of study he is a recent graduate of the Yad Vashem Summer Jewish Educators Seminar on Holocaust Studies.

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